‘Spirit and Flesh. The spirit is immortal. It loves the Light, it worships beauty, of thought and deed. And it has Eternity to enjoy, Time to contemplate. But the Flesh is Dark. For the Flesh knows it has not long to live. Against the time of the Spirit the life of the Flesh is like a lightning flash. So it has little time to know pleasure, to taste the richness of life; lust, greed, gain. It wants to experience everything, and it cares for nothing save existence. What you felt was the surging joy of the Flesh. Nothing more. And certainly nothing to cause you self-loathing.’

Shia, to Ekodas, Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf

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One thought on “Spirit and Flesh.

  1. This is a great one. It sums up the tension of this duality vividly, and doesn’t condemn the flesh. Yey.

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