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We like to think there is something special, even alien, about evil. We like to think that tyrants are different from the rest of us. That they are somehow inhuman. They are not. They are merely unchained, unfettered; free to do as they please.

Ustarte, to Skilgannon, The Swords of Night and Day

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‘It would certainly make life more complete if one could believe in a grand plan for the universe. If we could be certain that evil men would receive judgement. However, I fear that life is not so simple. Wise men say that the universe is in a state of constant war, a battle between the Source and the forces of chaos. If that is true then chaos commands the most cavalry.’

Nogusta, to Dagorian, Winter Warriors


‘Evil will always have the worst weapons. Evil will gather the greatest armies. They will burn, and plunder and kill. But that’s not the worst of it. They will try to make us believe that the only way of destroying them is by becoming them. That is the true vileness of evil. It is contagious.’

Druss, to Stavut, The Swords of Night and Day