Monthly Archives: July 2018


‘I am reminded of the rather lovely story of the woman who died. She had attended church every day of her life, but had never done a single kind deed for anyone. She went to Heaven. When she arrived an angel led her down a street of mansions, further down a street of fine houses, on to a series of terraced dwellings and finally to a shanty shack at the edge of an old wasteground. “Here is your home,” he said. “But this is terrible,” she told him. “I know,” he replied, “but it was all we could build with the material you sent up.”‘

Reverend Richard Kilbey, to Joseph Evans, White Knight Black Swan


‘Draw every ounce of pleasure you can from life, savour it, hold it on your tongue. But don’t waste time with thoughts of loss. My first wife was a harridan. I adored her, and we fought like tigers. When she died I was bereft but, given the chance, I would not go back and live differently. The years with her were golden.’

Angel, to Miriel, Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf