Monthly Archives: November 2021


My father told me a story once, about a man who lived in a valley. A great storm rose up and the river overflowed. The valley began to flood. A horseman rode by the man’s small house and said to him, “Come, ride with me, for your house will soon be under water.” The man told him that he needed no help, for the Source would save him. As the waters rose the man took refuge on his roof. Two swimmers came by and called out to him, “Jump into the water. We will help you reach dry land.” Again he waved them away, saying that the Source would protect him. As he sat perched on his chimney, thunder filling the sky, a boat came by. “Jump in,” called the boatman. Again the man refused. Moments later the water swept him away and he drowned.

The man’s spirit appeared before the Source. The man was angry. “I believed in you,” he said, “and you failed me.” The Source looked at him and said, “But, my son, I sent a rider, two swimmers and a boat. What more did you want?”‘

Waylander, to Chardyn, Hero in the Shadows