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You can’t avoid it. No one can. We are like the seasons – we grow in spring, mature in summer, fade in the autumn and die in the winter. But it is foolish to say, “It is springtime but I will grow no flowers for they must fade.” What is life without love? Perpetual winter. Cold and snow. It’s not for you, beauty. Trust me.

Senta, to Miriel, Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf


Any death produces guilt. A son dies of plague, and the mother will berate herself for not taking the child away to somewhere safe before disease struck. A man falls to his death, and his wife will think, “If only I had asked him to stay home today.” It is the nature of good people to draw burdens to themselves. All tragedy could be avoided, if only we knew it; therefore when it strikes we blame ourselves.

Shalitar, to Druss, The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend