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Sometimes life can be needlessly cruel. You have witnessed such a time. Evil does not grow from the head of a devil with horns – if it did we would all run from it. It springs from an angry word, and settles in the ears of the hearers. It can grow almost unnoticed until it flowers in rage and envy, jealousy and greed. The next time you have an angry thought about a clan brother or sister, remember this.

Kollarin, to the clan children, Ironhand’s Daughter


You have honour and principles. You are a great man. It doesn’t matter about the past. You are who you are, regardless of it. When I first began to dig trenches they told us the foundations needed to be four feet deep. When the first earthquake hit, all our new buildings crumbled. Foundations should have been six feet deep, you see. All that digging just to make an unsafe house. But it didn’t make me a bad digger. I was a great digger. A legend among diggers.

Yu Yu Liang, to Kysumu, Hero in the Shadows