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My father always told me that life was nothing but memories. He was right. As each moment passes it becomes history. He thought it was important to hold on to every moment, savouring it. He often talked of good times past, and hoped that the future would supply more golden memories. The truth is, though, that memories are only golden when shared; when you can say to a loved one, ‘Do you remember that walk by the orchard grove when first we held hands?” She will smile and say “Of course I do, you old fool.” That is the joy of memories. When Katra died she took half my life with her, and now the memory of the orchard is at best bittersweet. Ah, I am getting old and I talk too much.

Senlic Carpenter, to Kaelin Ring, Ravenheart


He is a man of great pride. And that pride is well founded, for he is a fair, brave and honest man. It means much to him that others see he has these qualities. For they are rare, and hard won. It is not easy to be honourable. The world is full of cunning, crafty men who have no understanding of honour or loyalty. They connive, they steal, and invariably, in the eyes of the world, they succeed. To be honest requires great effort, and continuous courage. And as for fairness, that is hardest of all.

Banouin, to Connavar, Sword in the Storm