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He is a man of great pride. And that pride is well founded, for he is a fair, brave and honest man. It means much to him that others see he has these qualities. For they are rare, and hard won. It is not easy to be honourable. The world is full of cunning, crafty men who have no understanding of honour or loyalty. They connive, they steal, and invariably, in the eyes of the world, they succeed. To be honest requires great effort, and continuous courage. And as for fairness, that is hardest of all.

Banouin, to Connavar, Sword in the Storm


‘Such thoughts are for the young. Pride is everything, status must be fought for. It is all empty and meaningless. It is ephemeral. Like the leaf on the oak tree. “Look at me, I am the greenest leaf, the biggest leaf, the finest leaf. None of the other leaves has my majesty.” Yet autumn beckons, and winter mocks all the leaves, the great and the green, the small and the stunted.’

Kysumu, to Waylander, Hero in the Shadows


You’ll hear people say that pride is a sin. Ignore them. Pride is vital. Not excessive pride, mind you. That is merely arrogant stupidity. No, being proud of yourself is what counts. Do nothing that is mean and spiteful, petty or cruel. And never give way to evil, no matter what the cost. Be proud, girl. Stand tall.

Keeva’s Uncle, to Keeva Taliana, Hero in the Shadows


These seeds are from the foxglove flower. A tiny amount of them can give a dying heart fresh life. Like a miracle. But just a pinch too much and they become the deadliest poison. Pride is like that. Too little and a man has no sense of self-worth. The world will wear him down to dust. Too much and he becomes arrogant, vain and boastful. But just enough and he is a man to walk the mountains with.

Vorna, to Connavar, Sword In The Storm