Monthly Archives: February 2016


Warriors fear surrender. They are proud and defiant. They will fight to the death for what they believe in. They will struggle to conquer. Love is not about conquest. The truth is a man can only find true love when he surrenders to it. When he opens his heart to the partner of his soul and says: “Here it is! The very essence of me! It is yours to nurture or destroy.”

Odysseus, to Andromache, Lord Of The Silver Bow


I am not as intellectually gifted as some of our order, but bear with me, brothers. I recall a phrase the Abbot used when I was a novitiate. He said: “When a fool sees himself as he is, then he is a fool no longer; and when a wise man learns of his own wisdom, then he becomes a fool.” This caused me great trouble, for it seemed mere word play. But after many years I have come to this conclusion: that only in certainty is there moral danger. Doubt is the gift we must cherish, for it forces us to question our motives constantly. It guides us to the truth. I do not know if we choose wisely the path we now walk. I do not know if we are right in what we do. But we walk it in faith.

Astila, to The Thirty, Waylander


You listen to me. There will always be men who select their friends for reasons of advancement, either socially, militarily or politically. They will tell you to avoid a certain man’s company because he is out of favour, or his family is poor. Or, indeed, because his life is lived in a manner some people find unbecoming. As a soldier I judge my men by what they can do. By how much guts they have. When it comes to friends all that matters is whether I like them.

Decado, to Skilgannon, White Wolf