There were once three men, proud and strong, the best mountain climbers in the land. In every city tavern people would gather and wonder which man was greatest. Finally they agreed to meet to decide the issue once and for all. There was a peak of sheer granite, three thousand feet high, which men called Rasboreth. No one had ever conquered Rasboreth, though many had tried, and many had died or been crippled in the attempt. Just as they were about to begin the climb, an angel appeared and told them all that their deaths were but one day distant. The first man said, “I shall go home and fill my belly with wine until the time of my death.” The second man said, “I shall find a woman with a soft body and welcoming eyes, and I shall lie with her until the time of my death.” Both turned to the third man. “And what of you?” they asked him.

“Me? Why I shall climb the mountain.”

– Aubertain, to Owen Odell, Morningstar

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