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‘Never let anger, or outrage, or fear affect you. That is easy advice to give, but hard to follow. Men will bait you, they will laugh at you, they will jeer. But it is just noise. They will do anything to make you angry or emotional. But the only way you can make them suffer is to win. And to do that you must remain cool.’

Chareos, to Kiall, Quest for Lost Heroes


‘Fame is fleeting, but love and hate are eternal. I may be but a small leaf in the wind of history, but I will stand against evil wherever I find it, no matter the cost. The demon I slay will not descend upon the home of a farmer and murder his family. The bandit who falls beneath my sword will never again rape or kill or plunder. If my death saves a single soul from pain and anguish then it is a price worth paying.’

Kysumu, to Waylander, Hero in the Shadows


All people are capable of great love and great hate. We are all, in spiritual terms, both angelic and demonic, constantly at war with ourselves. To understand this is to overcome it. Do not seek to justify hateful thoughts. Merely accept them as part of the flaws of humanity, and move beyond them.

Mulgrave’s Father, to Mulgrave, Stormrider